Tell me more about the Flex Pillow

The Vita Talalay Flex Pillow is filled with premium Vita Talalay Superior latex flakes, which allows height and softness adjustments. Because our Flex Pillows contains these latex flakes, you are able to mould and squeeze your Flex Pillow in any shape. The Flex Pillow is not only adjustable, but also makes sure that your body will be warm during winters and cool during summers.

What is the best pillow for my sleeping position?

The Flex Pillow is made to fit all the people and sleeping positions. Depending on your sleeping position, you can adjust height and firmness of the pillow to your likings. The only thing you need to do is add or remove the Vita Talalay flakes until you have found the optimal density for your good night’s sleep. That is why the Flex Pillow is the best pillow for all sleeping positions.

Do you need to fluff the Flex Pillow?

Your Flex Pillow is delivered with a small refill bag and with this bag you can adjust the Flex Pillow. Depending on your sleep position you can adjust your flex pillow to your likings. Back sleepers need thinner pillows, side sleepers need a firmer pillow, and stomach sleepers need an almost flat pillow.

By following three simple steps your pillow will be ready for use:

  1. Unzip the outside cover.
  2. Pull out the pillow.
  3. Open the refill bag and refill your Flex Pillow
What is inside the Flex Pillow?

The inside of the Flex Pillow is filled with premium Vita Talalay Superior latex flakes. These breathable Vita Talalay flakes will keep the body cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The bedding material is also hypo-allergenic, which gives dust mites less room to develop.

What certifications does the Flex Pillow have?

The Flex Pillow is made from natural materials. Our flex pillow is OEKO-TEX 100 certified. This certification shows that our Flex Pillow is safe to use.

Where do you make The Flex Pillow?

We design and assemble our Flex Pillow in Maastricht, The Netherlands.

How should I use my Flex Pillow?

It doesn’t matter how you fall asleep, but your pillow should always be tucked under your head. So not your shoulders, back, legs, or feet.

Can you replace the filling in the Flex Pillow?

Your Vita Talalay Flex Pillow always comes with a small refill bag.

Why should you purchase a Vita Talalay?

There are many reasons to buy a Vita Talalay. All benefits are linked to the open, round cell structure, that makes you sleep fresh and with a lifting comfort. There is more explanation here.

Is Vita Talalay good for the environment?

Yes definitely. There are many good ecological reasons why Vita Talalay is very good for the environment. This article will give you in-depth information about it!

Is Vita Talalay safe for people with allergies

For somebody with latex allergy, it is safe. We have never received any feedback from consumers with regards to latex allergy linked to the proteins that cause the allergy. The reason is that the proteins are washed out during the production process and the latex is tucked in the mattress.

For people with dust mite allergy, Vita Talalay brings an added benefit as the Talalay process makes such an airy product that it gives no ground for dust mites to live in.

Are Vita Talalay flakes Recyclable?
Yes, they are. If they are reclaimed by the mattress retailer or given to a recycling point, the latex can be reused for underfloor or insulation.
How long do Vita Talalay products last?

Vita Talalay is used being part of many mattresses, toppers and pillows. It is tested to be more durable than memory foam or dunlop latex. However, our retailers decide on the warranty terms they can offer. In general bedding brands love Talalay because they get very little complaints on durability exceeding the recommended consumer replacement times of a pillow (3 years) or mattress (7 years) by far.

Are Vita Talalay products washed?

All Vita Talalay products have been washed well with clear water, used one single time, washing out soaps and leftover proteins. Comparisons (analysis) with other latex suppliers has shown that our washing process is very thorough.

Where does the latex come from?

Most of our latex is sourced from South East Asia, Thailand.

Is Vita Talalay latex biodegradable?

The natural latex used is biobased and also biodegrades. However, there is no such thing as a foam being biodegradable! Not a memory foam, not a Dunlop latex and not a Talalay. Claims like “biodegradable as an oak leaf” are misleading. The reason is that in the process crosslinks are made of the molecules, that can not easily be undone. Which is a good thing: otherwise your bed would be deteriorating while you are sleeping in it.

Of course, the particles would get smaller and smaller until you can’t see them anymore. But they are still there: instead of degrading it is deteriorating.

What are Vita Talalay flakes and how are they made?

Vita Talalay flakes are small chunks of 100% talalay latex, mainly used for pillows. A pillow is very personal. Some people prefer a shapeable pillow. With flakes you can mold/squeeze your pillow in any shape, just as you were used to with your feather/ down pillow, but now with the breathability and the lifting comfort of a Vita Talalay.

Will I stay cool while sleeping on a Vita Talalay?

Yes, you will. Tests show that the resistance to heat (and the moisture that develops as a result of human-generated heat, which causes you to perspire) is much lower with Talalay than with memory foam.

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